Gentlewoman, Etiquette for a Lady

Fall, 2015 I started my first semester of college as an incoming freshman. With no help, I enrolled myself, picked out my classes, and began my journey as a college student. College, man what a fun but intimidating place. I placed my foot in the door, and a world of shock came crashing down. I had no idea how to conduct myself because I was sheltered by my parents all throughout grade-school and high-school.

I began doing things that the typical college student does, going to parties, involving myself in toxic relationships. I was always told, save yourself for marriage..I wish I did but that isn’t the point. The point was, I didn’t know how to be a woman. I was still a child doing adult like things.

It wasn’t until this summer when I read Gentlewoman// Enitan Bereola. Good Reads! I promise. For every woman who is trying to adapt as a person, I challenge you to read this book, read it multiple of times. Sleep, eat, live by the authors words. You will still be who are but you will have all the tools to be a lady.

But trust me, I am not finish reading it. On Sunday, I will have my full excerpt of the book and I will break it down. Stay tuned!!


“Rule n. 51 Character: Your character will always speak louder than you do. Shh! Be quite. Don’t tell anyone who you are. Show them.”


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